William Dickerson
New York, NY, USA
Computer Science, Engineering
& Other Adventures
about me

On Mississippi State University's EcoCAR team, I learned to program embedded systems in a multi-year development environment. At AVL Powertrain Engineering, I helped launch the 2013 Lincoln MKZ and led the systems integration of an autonomous test enviroment for Chrysler Motor Corporation.

Now, I study computer science at Pace University in lower Manhattan. I enjoy creating data visulizations with d3.js and geospatial applications with leaflet.

hours spent
Figure 1 svg will go here.
Designing svg will go here.
This is a shift schedule for a four speed transmission. Implemented in software, the design of the shift schedule impacts the performance, efficiency, safety, and durability of the vehicle.
Coding svg will go here.
Writing effective code is one tool of the software developer. Flexibility among languages and libraries is essential. Outside of the program environment, scripting can be used for analysis and optimization.
A well-designed architecture minimizes integration time, but there will always be challenges to address when introducing software and hardware modules into a distributed system.
The importance of validating software shouldn't be understated. Especially in safety- and mission-critical systems, every potential edge case and race condition must be considered.